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Premier reports week 1
Bluehouse A v Hadleigh Forum  5-5 a hard fought match but Les Hoey was the difference winning all 3 of his games for Bluehouse.

 Hullbridge A v Northlands Park B,Hullbridge came on top 6-4 Kevin Reed winning all 3 for Hullbridge.

Hockley v Selbourne, a great start for the new premier team Hockley who beat Selbourne 7-3 
2 wins each for Justin,Matt & Harry and Justin & Harry teamed up to win the doubles, the ever improving Kim Shead winning all 3 for Selbourne.

 Grays A  v Hullbridge B. Grays who were promoted from div 1v Hullbridge B a close match with Hullbridge coming out on top 6-4

Northlands Park A v Northlands Sports, Northlands Park A winning the match 7-3 with Paul Whatton winning all 3 after a close game against K Adams,
Keith winning the first 2 games but Paul came back to win 11-8 in the fifth.
Report for week 2

Northlands Park B v Selbourne
Northlands Park B  were the winners in this match with  10-0 win over Selbourne some tough games in this match but all going in favour of Northlands Park B.

Grays A v Bluehouse A
Grays A came out on top of this match 8-2 a fine maximum by Joe Stannard , Bluehouse 2 points gained by Les Hoey.

Hockley v Bluehouse A. 27/9/16
Another good win by Hockley 7-3, Justin Winning all 3 for Hockley, for the first season in the premier division Hockley have made a good start.

Hockley v Northlands Park B 4/10/16
Northlands Park B win 6-4. Northlands Park B were too strong for Hockley in this match the decider in the match was a maximum by Dave Bassett.An outstanding win for junior Matt Stringer
 who beat Richard Jackman in a tense match 13-11, 11-8, 18-20, 13-11.
Hullbridge B v Northlands Park A
Northlands Park A winning 7-3 , A close match but the difference was a fine maximum by Paul Whatton who beat Duncan Taylor from Hullbridge in 4 sets
Week 3
A great match between Selbourne and Northland Sports ended with Northland Sports winning 
7-3 Keith Adams getting a maximum and Peter Maynard with 2 wins Chris Jacob 1 ,
For Selbourne Charles Sweeney, Kim Shead, Paul Brown 1 win each.

Hullbridge A v Hullbridge B
Hullbridge A winning 7-3 George Reeves, Kevin Reed and Richard Brown winning 2 each and winning the doubles.  Hullbridge B points all won by Duncan Taylor.

Northland Sports v Northlands Park B.
Maximums for Bruce Kettle and Keith Adams and pairing up for the doubles giving Northland Sports a 7-3 win over Northlands Park B, Neal Barker, Dave Basset and Hamish Innis all beating Malcolm Henstock.

Northland Sports v Hullbridge A
A Kevin Calden maximum made sure that Hullbridge just edged this match 6-4 George Reeves and Reece Seddon winning 1 each and Kevin and Reece winning the doubles.
Keith Adams and Bruce Kettle winning 2 each for Northland Sports.

Northlands Park A v Hadleigh Forum 
Geri Alhambra, Peter Saunders and Dave Calleja all with maximums and Gerj and Peter winning the doubles so a 10-0 result,
Hadleigh Forum, Anton, Bertie, and Tony played well but had no luck on the night.
Week 4

Hullbridge B v Selbourne

A close match between these two teams Hullbridge B beating Selbourne 6-4, Colin Chatfield getting a hat trick followed by two wins for Dick Wyman and one for Bill Smith, Kim Shead with two wins for Selbourne and one win for Paul Brown and Selbourne winning the doubles.
Hadleigh Forum v Grays A
Grays win this match 9-1 the only win for Hadleigh Forum was Tony Millard beat Micheal Grigg.

Northlands Park A v Grays A
Northlands Park A win 9-1 with Peter Radford making his debut for Northlands Park, the only win for Grays was a good win for Rahul Sharma over Gerj Alhambra 13-11 in the decider.
Week 5

Hadleigh Forum v Grays A
Grays win this match 9-1 the only win for Hadleigh Forum was Tony Millard beat Micheal Grigg.

Northlands Park A v Grays A
Northlands Park A win 9-1 with Peter Radford making his debut for Northlands Park, the only win for Grays was a good win for Rahul Sharma over Gerj Alhambra 13-11 in the decider.

Match between 
Bluehouse A v Selbourne , Selbourne win by 8-2 the two games for Bluehouse won by Deb Auvache

Hullbridge A v Hockley , Hullbridge A winning 8-2 two wins again for Matt Stringer beating Richard Brown and Kevin Reed.

Bluehouse A v Northlands Sports , Northlands Sports winning 9-1 the one win  for Bluehouse coming from Deb Auvache beating Peter Maynard .
Northland Sports v Hadleigh Forum
With only 2 players Northland Sports lost to Hadleigh 6-4 , Keith Adams getting a hat trick and teaming up with Malcolm Henstock to win the Doubles to get the 4 points

Hadleigh Forum v Hullbridge B
Andy Seaman, Matt Rolfe, Colin Chatfield win 2 each and Andy & Colin winning the Doubles gave  Hullbridge B the 7-3 win.
Game of the night was between Bertie Makolli & Colin Chatfield, 
Bertie losing 11-9 11-13 11-13 9-11.

Hockley v Hadleigh Forum
Liam Squirrell getting his hat trick Harry Small losing to Bertie Makolli and Matt Stringer losing to Dale Gutteridge so Hockley came out winning 8-2.

Hadleigh Forum v Bluehouse
Forum winning the match 6-4 Les Hoey winning a hat trick for Bluehouse and Pat White beating Tony Millard Bluehouse with only 2 players.

Northlands Park B v Hullbridge A
Hat tricks for Kevin Calden & George Reeves Richard Brown just losing to Richard Jackman,
Richard & Neal Barker. Beating Kevin & Richard in the Doubles to make the score line 2-8 to Hullbridge.

Hockley v Selbourne 
Selbourne winning 6-4 Kim Shead with a hat trick and teaming up with Martin West to win the Doubles gave Selbourne the edge for the victory.

Hullbridge B v Grays A
Hullbridge only had 2 players but Duncan Taylor hat trick and Matt Rolfe with 2 and the Doubles Hullbridge won 6-4.

Northlands Sports v Northlands Park A
Northlands Park A winning 9-1 hat tricks by Peter Radford & Paul Whatton and Dave Bowles only losing to Keith Adams, Peter & Paul beating Keith & Bruce Kettle in the Doubles.

Northlands Park A v Hullbridge B 
Dave Bowles, Gerj Alhambra, Terry Guymer for Northlands and Dick Wyman, Tim Cramphorn and Colin Chatfield for Hullbridge 
Northlands Park A winning 10-0 game of the night between Gerj & Colin Gerj just winning the fifth game 13-11.

Bluehouse A v Hockley 
Both teams only turned out with 2 players so the score ended up 6-3 to Hockley.

Hadleigh Forum A V Northlands Park A 9/1/2017
A 7-3 win keeps Northlands Park A on top of the league a hat trick again for Paul Whatton and 2 from Spud Saunders  Dave Calleja 1 keeps the pressure on other teams to catch them, 
Berti, Dale and Roy all winning 1 game each, Paul & Spud winning the Doubles.

Northlands Park B V Hockley 9/1/2017
Northlands Park B 7 Hockley 2 Richard Jackman winning 3. Steve Sawyer, Dave Bassett win 2 each. Hockley' 2 points come from Liam Squirrell.

Northlands Park B V Northlands Sports 17/1/2017
Northlands Sports coming out on top by 6-4 Keith Adams with a fine maximum followed by 2 from Michael Hayes Chris Jacobs and Keith winning the Doubles.
Neil Barker and Hampshire Innis win 1 each and Richard Jackman winning 2.

Hadleigh Forum V Selbourne 23/1/2017
Selbourne winning 8-2. Kim Shead 3 Paul Brown and James Marshall win 2 each they also won the doubles. The 2 wins for Hadleigh Forum come from Berti with fine wins over Paul Brown and James Marshall.

Selbourne V Hullbridge B 16/1/2017
Hullbridge B winning 7-3 Glen Johnson and Duncan Taylor both with hat tricks and teaming up to win the doubles, Kim Shead Paul Brown and James Marshall all beating Bill Smith.

Hullbridge A V Hadleigh Forum 19/1/2017
Hullbridge 10 Hadleigh Forum 0 A strong performance from Reece Seddon ,Kevin Read and Richard Brown to keep the pressure on Northlands Park A.

Bluehouse A V Hullbridge A 

   9-1 win for Hullbridge Kevin Caldon 3 Kevin Read 3 Richard Brown 2 the win for Bluehouse was by Les Hoey.

Grays V Northland Park A

An 8-2 win for Northlands Park A Terry Guymer 3 Paul Whatton 3 Dave Calleja 1 Paul & Terry winning the doubles, Tony Bonnuci and Martin Trelevian both beating Dave Calleja.
Top of the table match between Northlands Park A and Hullbridge A.
Hullbridge winning 7-3 the first defeat of the season for Northlands Park A.
Kevin Caldon winning all three Kevin Reed two and Gary Young one the games won for Northlands Park a were Paul Whatton two and Peter Radford one, a great match to watch.
Not to many matches to go now so things are getting tight at the top of the table.