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News from the AGM held June 6th 2016:

 It was agreed to retain team fees at £35 per team.

Continuing our special promotion, any bona-fide new team entered for the coming season will not have to pay any registration fees.

Reports from the 2015/16 AGM

Chairman’s report:  I am pleased to say that this season had no reported incidents and I hope all players and teams have enjoyed taking part.

The tournament and presentation evening again had a high attendance with lots of support. It was great that so many of the players, their families and friends attended the presentation evening and a lot of fun was had by everyone. Again thanks to everyone behind the scenes who helped with setting up the tournament and presentation evening. Without these people volunteering to help, the events would not have run so smoothly.

I would like to thank the committee for all their dedication and hard work throughout the season. Well done for making this a great season.

Secretary’s reportLin reported that the annual individual fees for Table Tennis England will be increasing by £2.00 per person. Attendance at committee meetings had been good throughout the year, always achieving a quorum. The new committee members had all contributed in many ways throughout the season, but more will always be welcome.

Coaching was continuing at Lee Chapel and Wickford but numbers need boosting and Lin asked whether anyone would be interested in considering the role of Development Officer to promote table tennis in our area and generate more interest in our coaching sessions by contacting schools etc. We have already introduced new players into league teams through the coaching sessions and hopefully will continue to do so.

National Table Tennis Day is on Thursday 14th July and Lin asked for suggestions. G. Banthorpe suggested we do the hard bat/sandpaper tournament that we did in 2014 because it was a lot of fun.

 Treasurer’s report: In J. Gard’s absence, T.Jasper produced the accounts from JG, who recommended that fees stay the same since there is still over £6000 in the bank. Thanks were given to M. Treleaven for his continued sponsorship. Bank signatories will need to be changed as JG is stepping down. Suggestions were that TJ, CA, AW and CC become signatories, two are needed to sign a cheque. The accounts were accepted, proposed by K. Smart, seconded by B. Billins.

Registrar’s report: A. Wood commented on the very sad loss of Lou Hopkins which could lead to the demise of SETTS if no one steps up to take over.

Kingswood Club was closed due to loss of premises, and their players transferred to various other clubs and SETTS dropped one team. The Springhouse Club moved to new premises and renamed themselves Stanford Le Hope and similarly SELEX were renamed Basildon Sport and Leisure after their club split from the parent company. Additional teams from each of these two meant that there were 34 teams in total, 1 short from the previous season. It may be that next season we only have 32 teams.

Many clubs once again had problems with player availability during the season due to injuries etc., and a few fixtures were not completed by the end of the year, especially in the Premier Division. There was some discussion about changing the format for the Premier only. P. Saunders suggested that they could play teams twice only, which may encourage more Premier teams to enter the Cup competitions more readily. They could possibly have a longer Xmas break. A Wood agreed to contact Premier team captains to gauge their opinions on the matter.

Alan felt that we should consider transferring to the 365 system, our website being very old now, and he would make enquiries. Match reports were very desirable, and offers were made to do them by Pete Saunders (Premier), Ryan Sutcliffe (Div. 1) and Brian Billins (Div. 3). It was also agreed that the use of the 365 e-mail would be beneficial, allowing block e-mailing to all members. This would cost about £70 per annum for approximately 200+ players.

8. Election of officers: Chairman- Chris Aukett, Proposed by LR, seconded by CC. Unanimous.

Vice Chairman:  Colin Clements, Proposed by LR, seconded by AW. Unanimous.

Treasurer – Terry Jasper, Proposed by KS, seconded by PS.Unanimous.

Secretary – Lin Roff, Proposed by KS, seconded by JS. Unanimous.

Registrar – Alan Wood, Proposed by RS, seconded by DH. Unanimous.

Auditor – this role is vacant. K. Smart suggested that M. Smith may be interested, he will ask.

Committee members – A. Roff, R. Sutcliffe, B. Billins, D. Harris, M. Treleaven, G.Banthorpe – voted en bloc. Proposed by LR, seconded by KS.

Development Officer – Jenne Seibolt volunteered for this new role. He works in the community and visits schools etc, so is hoping to have an impact that will bring in new players in the long term. Proposed by CC, seconded by AW.

9. Rule changes: There were none.





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