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1992-3 presentation


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1967 Handbook (1)

(Courtesy S. Dyson)

1967 Handbook (2)

1967 Handbook (3)

1967 Handbook (4)


1967 Handbook (5)

1967 Handbook (6)

1967 Handbook (7)

1967 Handbook (8)


1967 Handbook (9)

1967 Handbook (10)

1965 Newspaper cutting

Interleague 1965


Essex H/b 1954

(Courtesy R. Parker)

Essex H/b inner

Essex h/b inner 2


"Eagle Club News"  1955


Laindon H/b 1

Laindon H/b 2

Laindon H/b 3

Laindon H/b 4

E-mail from Stan Dyson (15/1/08)

I was playing a match at Kingswood last night when John Gard said you would be interested in seeing my 1967 Basildon League Handbook - the last time
(prior to just 8 weeks ago) that I played table tennis.

Just to give you an historic update, I started playing TT in 1962 and played for Tate & Lyle in the Silvertown Business Houses League, also for Standard
Telepnones and for Fellows Cranleigh in the Barking League.  I moved to Basildon with Standard Telephones in Dec 1964 & initially played for
Bonnalacks.  I then started Standard Telephones TT section up and our STC A team of Mike Watts, me, Phil Smith & Dave Kirston came 3rd in the 1966
season.  I switched clubs and played No 1 for Kingswood A for the 1967 season and again, we came third in the premier for the '67 period.  At that
time I was fanatical about the game, also playing with Dave Kirston for his Crowstone A team in the Southend league.  Unfortunately, someone invited me
to have a go at their Karate club.  Reluctantly, I went along and was immediately captured by this fast aggressive new sport.  I dropped TT like a
hot potato and for the next 30-years completely involved myself in the sport, gaining my black belt in 1972, running two of the largest clubs in Essex in
Laindon & Billericay, coming runner up in the 1973 British Championships & being part of the Ishinryu National karate team/squad from 1972 to 1976.  I
retired from the sport in 1997.

About 8 weeks ago I thought I would have a go at my early 1960's first sporting love of TT again.  'Fings 'aint wot they used to be!'  From ex top
rank premier player I am now a regularly thrashed 2nd division player! Strange sensation for me, but it's still early days and I do hope to somehow
get back into the premier division again at some future date.  I can only live on the memory of how it was at the moment and aim at getting somewhere
near that again.

Anyway, I attach a copy of the 1967 handbook together with a record of individual games (and sets) that I played - I had 100% playing record & 87%
average for that year.  I had this document folded up & pinned inside the handbook.  I also enclose a copy of a November 1965 write-up that appeared
in the local paper. I hope you find the '67 handbook interesting. (see Memorabilia page)

All the best, Stan
Follow-up e-mail 1/2/08:

Thanks for your note.  Please feel free to use any of the info I attached to your internet Archive pages.  Looking on the positive side, although just a
very faint shadow of my prior TT self I am enjoying playing the game much more than I ever did those 40 odd years ago when everything was so tense and
winning so important - I remember that I almost got into fighting mode with John Blackman (he played for Bonnalacks) in 1966 when I was playing with
Mike Watts in Standard Telephones A team in their works canteen.  It was when the first 'under the table' serves came out, where the ball was tossed
onto the bat from under the table completely out of view.  By comparison I just don't give a toss these days!  Anyway, I actually won a game for the
first time this week!  I don't even know who it was I was playing, or what club it was, only that his mates called him Ollie.  I just wish I could drum
up the enthusiasm and concentration I used to have!

My other two team members in our Basildon interleague team were Peter Pond and Harry Spraggs and the ladies were Sandra Faldo and Muriel Spraggs.  I
attach a very poor copy of a press pic from 1966 (I only had a photocopy of  the original newspaper pic) showing the Basildon A & B teams - L to R A team
is Richie Melling, Mick Pond & Keith Murray.  I forget the girls names, but Pat or Pam Bedwell comes to mind for one of them.  The other team is Peter
Pond, me & Harry Spraggs (one of the best half-volleyer players I knew) and his wife Muriel Spraggs - I don't know where Sandra Faldo was for that pic -
her Dad John Faldo was quite a good player and I think he also ran a coaching scheme during that period.

All the best, Stan