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Week 1

Division one kicked off the new season with some very convincing score lines in the first week, regulated from the premiership Basildon A (who along with Hadleigh Forum B must be fancied for the top spot this year) started their new campaign with an impressive 10-0 win at home against Stanford B, with fine performances from Ian Wall, Chris Aukett and Steve Woodley. Hadleigh Forum B were also in fine form matching Basildon's scoreline with their own 10-0 win at home against newly promoted Wickford CC, Paul Fawell, Russ Bright and Tony Jacks all scoring max points. Stanford A started their season with an 8-2 win against Grays B,  Ryan Sutcliffe winning all 3 singles, Dimitri Kisil taking the 2 singles for Grays. The final game of the week had Bluehouse B playing Basildon B with Bluehouse coming away comfortable winners at 7-3 with Steve Aspland winning all 3 of his singles and Garry Hartgrove taking 2 for the visitors.

A good start to what should be a very tight league this year with Basildon A and Hadleigh Forum B throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the league

Week 2

The second week kicked off with Basildon A  away to Wickford CC, Once again Basildon proving way to strong for Wickford with Ian Wall, Garry Hartgrove and Chris Aukett winning all their singles, Wickford picking up their first point in the doubles match. So could Hadleigh keep the pressure on Basildon?, Hadleigh travelled away to Grays and found themselves in a close fought match, finally coming away with a 6-4 win, Daniel Toader winning 2 for the home team and John Tendlar winning all 3 for Hadleigh. Bluehouse B continued their good form away to Stanford B winning 7-3, Peter Hilton taking all 3 for Bluehouse while Derrick Pearson top scored for Stanford winning 2 singles, the final game of the week had Basildon B playing at home against Stanford A, Stanford proving too strong for Basildon team with Chris Hancox and Andrew Paton winning all their singles and coming away with a winning score 8-2

Week 3

Stanford A started week 3 playing against their B team who pushed them all the way with a few tough 5 set games, the A team staying resilient, finally coming away with a  8-2 win with Ryan Sutcliffe and Chris Hancox unbeaten on the night, Derrick Pearson winning 1 match for the B team and also taking the doubles.

Bluehouse B took on Wickford CC looking to push on up the table, a fine performance by Steve Aspland, Dave Reynolds and Peter Hilton all scoring 100% including the doubles score ending 10-0, this could be a tough season for Wickford  looking at the scores so far and only currently on one point.

Clash of the week went to both title favourites Basildon A playing against Hadleigh Forum B, the team of Steve Woodley, Lin Roff and Ian Wall up against John Tendler, Gus Heath and Tony Jacks. Hadleigh proving to strong for Basildon and coming away with an impressive 6-4 win with a few 5 set games thrown in for good measure, Gus Heath winning all 3 singles, John Tendler winning 2 and Steve Woodley taking 2 for the home team.

Final game of the week had Grays B playing the visiting team of Basildon B, again another close game with Basildon B emerging winners with the score ending 6-4, Garry Hartgrove, Trevor Ward and Steve Appleby all taking 2 a piece, but man of the match being Daniel Toader for Grays winning all his 3 singles.

The league already seems to be divided into 2 mini leagues! top 4 race for the title and a bottom 4 to avoid relegation, should make an interesting season!

Week 4

Wickford CC started the week with a visit from Stanford A, the Stanford team again winning comfortably 8-2, Andy Paton winning all 3 singles, Ryan Sutcliffe and Adrian Armstrong (P/U) taking 2 each, Dave Norris managing to win the first 2 singles of the season for the home team

On the same night Hadleigh Forum B hosted Bluehouse B and were currently 2 points behind them in the league, The trio of Russ Bright, Tony Jacks and Gus Heath turning on the style with a very impressive 10-0 win and dropping only 3 sets, leap frogging Bluehouse in the table 

Stanford B took on the visiting Basildon B in what turned out to be a tough match, Basildon Finally winning 6-4 by taking the doubles, Garry Hartgrove winning all 3 singles having a tough 5 setter against Derrick Pearson,who in turn took 2 for the home team to continue his impressive start to the season, everyone else won a game each

Final match of the week had Basildon A playing against the visiting Grays B, not to be outdone by the Hadleigh team, Basildon swept all before them winning 10-0, Steve Woodley, Paul Churn and Ian Wall only dropping 2 sets on the night

Early indication begs the question 'Can anyone stop the teams from Basildon (A) and Hadleigh from contesting the title this year'? on current form, we seem to have a 2 horse race, Stanford A are in the mix but yet to face both teams.

Report for week 5

Week 5 started with the last 2 unbeaten teams facing each other, Stanford A facing the visiting Hadleigh Forum B, The trio of Russ Bright, Gus Heath and John Tendler proving too strong for the Stanford side, Hadleigh coming away with a 7-3 Victory and remaining unbeaten this season, Gus and John both unbeaten on the night, while the home team all won a game each. (Stanford A: Chris Hancox, Ryan Sutcliffe & Derrick Pearson P/U    Hadleigh: Russel Bright, Gus Heath & John Tendler) 

Bluehouse B hosted Basildon A who were hoping to increase their lead at the top of the table, Bluehouse only managed to field 2 players so Basildon started with 3 games already in the bag, Basildon proving too strong winning 8-2, both Chris Aukett and Ian Wall both unbeaten on the night. (Bluehouse: Steve Aspland & Dave Reynolds   Basildon A: Ian Wall, Lin Roff & Chris Aukett)

Basildon B played at home against Wickford CC, Garry Hartgrove going unbeaten on the night, although 2 games went to 5 sets, along with Steve Appleby and Trevor ward Basildon came out on top winning 7-3, on the plus side for Wickford all players won a game each (Basildon B: Steve Appleby, Garry Hartgrove & Trevor Ward    Wickford: Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward)

Final game of the week had Stanford le hope B visiting Grays B, the game was a very tight fought match with no less than 5 of the games going to 5 sets, once again Daniel Toader showing his credentials by taking all 3 games and in turn helping Grays win 6-4, every player winning at least 1 game shows how tight this was, but Daniel proving to be the deciding factor. (Grays: Max Southby, Rafal Grabowski & Daniel Toader   Stanford B: Derrick Pearson, Martin Archie & Dave Hancox)

Report for week 6

Week 6 started with Wickford CC hosting a bottom of the table clash against Stanford B, with would could be vital points in the relegation battle, Stanford romped home with an impressive 8-2 victory, both Derrick Pearson and Adrian Armstrong (P/U) unbeaten on the night. (Wickford CC: Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward   Stanford B: Derrick Pearson, Adrian Armstrong P/U & Colin Barham)

Hadleigh Forum B played the visiting Basildon B side looking to continue their impressive campaign this season, they were helped when Basildon only fielded 2 players but Gary Hartgorve and Colin Clements put up a strong fight and coming away with a very respectful 5-5 draw by winning the doubles, no one was unbeaten on the night (Hadleigh: Graham Farmer, Gus Heath & Paul Fawell   Basildon B: Garry Hartgrove and Colin Clements)

Bluehouse B hosted Grays B, Bluehouse needing the win to push them further in the top half of the table, Dave Reynolds in outstanding form on the night going unbeaten to help Bluehouse take a 7-3 win, Steve Aspland and Tony Stonell winning 2 each. (Bluehouse: Dave Reynolds, Steve Aspland & Tony Stonell   Grays: Daniel Toader, Mike Trendell & Max Southby)

Final game of the week had top of the table Basildon A taking on the visiting Stanford A, Stanford knowing they had to get a result of they are to challenge for the title this season, the game was a close fought contest and Stanford managed to come away with a 6-4 victory, Ian Wall unbeaten for the losing side and Stanford winning the game on the doubles which went to 5 sets keeping them in contention in the title race.

(Basildon A: Steve Woodley, Chris Aukett & Ian Wall   Stanford A: Andrew Paton, Chris Hancox & Graham Briggs)

Week 7

The final week of the first 3rd of season kicked off with Stanford A hosting Bluehouse B,  Stanford continuing their impressive form this season winning 9-1,  Ryan Sutcliffe and Graham Briggs unbeaten on the night while Peter Hilton taking the only game for Bluehouse

(Stanford: Ryan Sutcliffe, Andy Paton & Graham Briggs         Bluehouse: Antony Stonell, Peter Hilton & Steve Aspland)

Stanford B hosted title chasing Hadleigh Forum B, and on paper this was only going one way, but Stanford put up a great fight, final score 4-6 to Hadleigh, Derrick Pearson taking 2 for the home team (including an impressive win over John Tendler), while the visiting team all took 2 games each

(Stanford: Derrick Pearson, Martin Archie & Dave Hancox       Hadleigh: John Tendler, Tony Jacks & Paul Fawell)

Basildon B faced a tough match hosting their A side, again on form the A team should have been comfortable winners but the B team put up some tough opposition and only came away with a 4-6 defeat, Garry Hartgrove winning 2 for the home team while Ian Wall again unbeaten on the night and Paul Churn picking up a brace of wins for the away team

(Basildon B: Steve Appleby, Garry Hartgrove & David Kirston      Basildon A: Lin Roff, Paul Churn & Ian Wall)

Last game of the week had Grays B hosting Wickford CC, to further extend the gap between the 2 teams Grays comfortably sweep Wickford aside to a 9-1 defeat, Max Southby and Rafal Grabowski unbeaten on the night, the one highlight for Wickford was Robn Coutts beating the in form Daniel Toader for Wickford's only point

(Grays: Daniel Toader, Max Southby & Rafal Grabowski     Wickford: Ron Coutts, Terry Jasper & Brian Ward)

With the part of the season over, there's a 3 way battle for the top spot, With only 1 point between Basildon A, Hadleigh Forum B and Stanford A, while at the bottom the Wickford are struggling in Div 1 this season and seem certain for relegation, Stanford B and Grays B seem to be fighting it out for the second relegation spot, great season so far!

Week 8

Basildon A vs Stanford B match postponed

Wickford CC hosted Hadleigh Forum B, once again Hadleigh showing their class with a romping 1-9 win, John Tendler and Paul Fawell taking maximum points on the night, while David Norris won the only game for Wickford

(Wickford: Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward     Hadleigh: John Tendler, Tony Jacks & Paul Fawell)

Grays B hosted Stanford A, Knowing to stay in contention at the top of the league, Stanford came away with a 2-8 victory, Chris Hancox in fine fine unbeaten on the night, Ryan Sutcliffe and Andy Paton winning 2 each, Daniel Toader picking up the 2 wins for Grays

(Grays: Max Southby, Daniel Toader & Rafal Grabowski     Stanford: Andy Paton, Ryan Sutcliffe & Chris Hancox)

Basildon B hosted Bluehouse B in the mid table clash, and as the league positions suggest this was always going to be a tough match, no one unbeaten on the night and Charles Yeung & Garry Hartgrove picking 2 wins each for the home team while Steve Aspland and Dave Reynolds picking up 2 each for the away team, The match went all the way to the doubles and with Basildon winning that match which levelled the score at a 5-5 draw

(Basildon: Charles Yeung, Garry Hartgrove & David Kirton      Bluehouse: Steve Aspland, Peter Hilton & Dave Reynolds)

So with Basildon A's match postponed, Hadleigh took the lead at the top, 1 point ahead of Stanford A, while at the bottom Wickford are slipping further away, with Stanford B 6 points away form safety with a game in hand 

Week 9 

Bluehouse B vs Stanford B postponed

Stanford A started the week hosting Basildon B, The home team coming up against some stiff opposition in what turned out to be a close fought match, Garry Hartgrove unbeaten on the night for the visitors but Stanford coming away with the 6-4 win with 2 games each for Ryan Sutcliffe and Chris Hancox

(Stanford A: Andrew Paton, Ryan Sutcliffe & Chris Hancox      Basildon B: Garry Hartgrove, Trevor Ward & David Kirston)

Hadleigh Forum B hoping to keep their unbeaten run intact hosted Grays B and once again sweeping all before them to a very impressive 10-0 win to go marching on for the title this year, Gus Heath, Russ Bright and Tony Jacks in outstanding form, Grays back in the relegation fight at the bottom of the table

(Hadleigh: Guss Heath, Russell Bright & Tony Jacks        Grays: Daniel Toader, Mike Trendell & Max Southby)

Final game of the week had Basildon A hosting Wickford CC, Basildon knowing they had to keep scoring high to stay in contention for the title gave an impressive performance winning 8-2, Steve Woodley and Ian Wall unbeaten on the night, while Ron Coutts and Dave Norris taking a game each for the visitors and still rooted to the bottom of the table

(Basildon A: Steve Woodley, Lin Roff & Ian Wall    Wickford : Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward)

Week 10

Week 10 started with Wickford CC hosting Bluehouse B, Once again Wickford strugging in Division 1 and Bluehouse coming away with a 1-9 victory, Peter Hilton and Steve Aspland unbeaten on the night and David Norris being the only home player to win a game

(Wickford: Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward          Bluehouse: Dave Reynolds, Peter Hilton & Steve Aspland)

Hadeigh Forum B took on Basildon A in which was always going to be a tight game, The home team remaining unbeaten this season continued their good form and took a 6-4 win, John Tendler being the difference between the teams by winning all 3 games, Ian Wall winning 2 for the away team with Gus Heath winning a brace for Hadleigh. 

(Hadleigh: John Tendler, Russell Bright & Gus Heath        Basildon A: Chris Aukett, Paul Churn & Ian Wall)

Stanford B hosted their A team and put up a very strong fight, the match close but once again Stanford A fought through to win 3-7, Ryan Sutcliffe unbeaten on the night and Andrew Paton taking a brace, for the home team captain Martin Archie playing well claiming a brace

(Stanford B: Derrick Pearson, Martin Archie & Colin Barham         Stanford A: Chris Hancox, Ryan Sutcliffe & Andrew Paton)

Final game of the week had Basildon B hosting Grays B, Basildon fielding a strong team and coming away with a comfortable 8-2 win, Trevor Ward and Garry Hartgrove winning all their games while Charles Yeung taking a brace, Daniel Toader winning the only singles game for Grays

(Basildon B: Charles Yeung, Trevor Ward & Garry Hartgrove        Grays: Daniel Toader, Mike Trendell & Rafal Grabowski)

Week 11

Stanford A started week 11 by hosting Wickford CC, on paper looking like a comfortable win, Wickford claiming 3 games to record their best score of the season, Stanford winning 7-3 and losing points in what could prove vital come the end of the season, Andrew Paton winning all 3, while Ryan Sutcliffe and Chris Hancox winning 2 each and both being defeated by David Norris who won the 2 singles for the away team

(Stanford A: Andrew Paton, Ryan Sutcliffe & Chris Hancox         Wickford: Ron Coutts, Terry Jasper & Daivd Norris)

Bluehouse B hosted the ever impressive Hadleigh Forum, once again Hadleigh just too strong and won 2-8, Gus Heath unbeaten, but credit due to Dave Reynolds and Antony Stonell who won a game each for the home side

(Bluehouse: Steve Aspland, Dave Reynolds & Antony Stonell         Hadeigh: Gus Heath, Paul Fawell & Russell Bright)

Grays B hosted Badildon A knowing they were in for a tough night, Basildon keeping on the pressure at the top of the league by winning 1-9, Chris Aukett dropping the only game against Daniel Toader

(Grays: Daniel Toader, Max Southby & Mike Trendell           Basildon A: Chris Aukett, Paul Churn & Steve Woodley)

Final game of the week had Basildon B hosting Stanford B, Another tight encounter through the night with Basildon winning the game 6-4 on the doubles, Garry Hartgrove proving to strong on the night winning all his games, while Trevor Ward taking a brace for the home team and Martin Archie winning 2 for the away team. Stanford B increasing their survival hopes by taking 4 critical points in the league, still second from bottom but with games in hand to improve their position

(Basildon B: Charles Yeung, Trevor Ward and Garry Hartgrove    Stanford B: Wayne Farmer, Dave Hancox & Martin Archie)

With the Christmas break now on and halfway through the season the league seems to have gone into 3 sections, Hadleigh, Basildon A and Stanford A contesting for the 2 promotion spots, Basildon B and Bluehouse B in the 'Safe' mid section while Grays B, Stanford B and Wickford  in the relegation battle, nothing in stone yet!, here's to an interesting second half of the season

Week 12

2017 kicked off with Hadleigh Forum B hosting Stanford le hope A, Hadleigh once again proving too strong and still remaining unbeaten winning 7-3, looking like hot favorites for the title, a hat trick for Gus Heath, and a brace for Russ Bright, Andy Paton putting up most resilience for the away team with a brace.
(Hadleigh: Russell Bright,Gus Heath & Tony Jacks          Stanford A: Ryan Sutcliffe, Andrew Paton & Graham Briggs)

Wickford CC hosted Basildon B, David Norris and Brian Ward recording a victory each and a win in the doubles reducing the score line to a 7-3 defeat for Wickford, Garry Hartgrove continuing his good form winning all 3 games and Charles Yeung and Trevor Ward with 2 each

(Wickford: Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward          Basildon B: Garry Hartgrove, Charles Yeung & Trevor Ward)

Stanford le Hope B hosted Grays B with games won being vital points in the survival race, a much expected close match was played with Stanford eventually winning 6-4, everyone winning at least one game, but Martin Archie taking 3 and Derrick Pearson taking 2 giving the extra points to Stanford

(Stanford B: Dave Hancox, Martin Archie & Derrick Pearson      Grays: Daniel Toader, Mike Trendell & Rafal Grabowski)

Final game of the week had Basildon A hosting Bluehouse B, Basildon once again showing their class and coming away 8-2 winners being helped by Bluehouse only being able to field 2 players, Ian Wall winning all his games and  Antony Stonell taking 2 good games for the away team beating Chris Aukett and Steve Woodley

(Basildon A: Chris Aukett, Ian Wall & Steve Woodley           Bluehouse : Dave Reynolds, Antony Stonell)

Week 13

The week started off with a big match from the top end of the league, Stanford A hosting Basildon A in the race for second place, Basildon producing the goods on the night and turning up with the big guns! winning 9-1, Andy Paton with the only win for the home team, while Ian Wall and Mark Stones unbeaten on the night, (could this have put a nail in the coffin of Stanford's promotion chances)(Stanford A: Chris Hancox, Andy Paton & Ryan Sutcliffe   Basildon A: Mark Stones, Ian Wall & Chris Aukett)

Stanford B hosted Wickford in a game which is all about survival at the foot of league, Stanford taking the win with a 7-3 score, Martin Archie continuing his form and unbeaten on the night, while Colin Barham and Derrick Pearson taking a brace each, David Norris winning 2 for the away team.

(Stanford B: Colin Barham, Derrick Pearson & Martin Archie          Wickford: David Norris, Terry Jasper & Brian Ward)

Grays B hosted Bluehouse B in another tight match, Bluehouse winning 6-4 in the doubles, Peter Hilton and Dave Reynolds with 2 each while the ever impressive Daniel Toader winning all 3 for Grays

(Grays: Max Southby, Daniel Toader & Robbie Wong          Bluehouse: Peter Hilton, Phil Smith & Dave Reynolds)

Final game had Basildon B hosting table toppers and still unbeaten Hadleigh Forum, Gus Heath and Russ Bright unbeaten on the night, while John Tendler played his first game but was not fit enough for the others so forfeiting 2 games, scoreline 6-4 to Hadleigh giving Basildon A a glimmer of catching up to them in the title race!

(Basildon B: Garry Hartgrove, Trevor Ward & Colin Clements      Hadleigh Forum: John Tendler, Gus Heath & Russ Bright)

Week 14

After dropping a few points last week, Hadleigh Forum picked the pace up again showing all before them why they are top of the league with a stomping 10-0 victory over Stanford B! Title must surely be on its way!

(Hadleigh : Gus Heath, Paul Fawell & Tony Jacks         Stanford B: Derrick Pearson, Dave Hancox & Colin Barham)

At the over end of the table Wickford had the visit of Grays B, with Grays needing the points to get out of the bottom 2 positions, they did not disappoint and came away with a 9-1 scoreline, the only blip in the victory was Rafal Grabowski losing to Brian Ward, Wickford seemingly  doomed for the 2nd Division!

(Wickford: Ron Coutts, David Norris & Brian Ward          Grays: Daniel Toader, Rafal Grabowski & Mike Trendell)

Bluehouse B hosted Stanford A, Stanford coming away with a 7-3 victory with Andy Paton and Chris Hancox unbeaten while Dave Reynolds and Steve Aspland both winning a game each

(Bluehouse: Steve Aspland, Chris Crooks & Dave Reynolds        Stanford A: Ryan Sutcliffe, Andy Paton & Chris Hancox)

Final game had the 2 Basildon teams facing each other and once again the game ended up being a close fought affiar with the A team winning it in the doubles, Ian Wall proving to be the deciding factor by going unbeaten while everyone else won at least 1 game

(Basildon A: Paul Churn, Lin Roff & Ian Wall            Basildon B: Charles Yeung, Trevor Ward & Garry Hartgrove)

Looking very much likes Hadleigh's title with Basildon A hot favorites to join them in the premiership, while at the other end Wickford seem destined for relegation  while the second relegation spot seems a 2 way dog fight between Grays B and Stanford B